Glitter Gear. Collegiate Wear for Women and Children By Glitter Gear

Licenced & Ready full list

Standard License
The University of Alabama 03/2007
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 11/2002
Arkansas State University 06/2011
Auburn University 08/2006
Boise State University 06/2006
Brigham Young University 12/2009
University of Central Florida 12/2007
University of Cincinnati 08/2012
Clemson University 06/2013
University of Georgia 06/2007
The University of Kansas 06/2002
University of Kentucky 07/2010
LSU 11/2006
University of Louisville 09/2010
Louisiana at Lafayette-University of 08/2012
University of Mississippi 06/2006
University of Missouri 02/2005
University of Nebraska 06/2002
New Mexico State University 12/2009
The University of Oklahoma 02/2002
Oklahoma State University 02/2002
Purdue University 05/2012
University of South Carolina 06/2007
Texas State University-San Marcos 07/2010
University of Tennessee, Knoxville 06/2013
Texas A&M University 08/2009
The University of Texas at Austin 06/2002
Texas Christian University 07/2009
Texas Tech University 01/2003
University of Utah 07/2009
University of Washington 06/2011
University of Wisconsin 11/2012

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